WATCH: Tears and sweat as patrons take on RocoMamas viral ‘Spicy Wings Challenge’ to score free meal

Diners can’t stand the heat. Picture: Freepik Valeria Aksakova

Diners can’t stand the heat. Picture: Freepik Valeria Aksakova

Published Jan 30, 2024


Can you stand the heat?

This is what diners are testing when they take on the spicy wings challenge at RocoMamas restaurant.

The challenge involves eating 24 super spicy wings and chilli cheese sauce chips within 45 minutes. If you do so, you score a free meal.

However, if you do not finish the meal in the allocated time, you have to cough up R240.

Brave chilli-lovers have taken on the challenge and posted their reactions on TikTok.

Some people actually managed to get through the spicy meal while others failed dismally.

Many started off strong saying that the wings, which are covered in red hot chillies, weren’t that spicy, but halfway into the meal, most of them broke into a sweat.

This is exactly what happened to TikToker, @kiaramabuza who went to the restaurant with her family to test just how much heat she could handle.

She said that as soon as she saw the food, she knew she was not going to make it.

With gloves on her hands, she tackled the mountain of spicy wings and reckoned that the wings were not spicy but that it’s just a lot of food.

The video showed that everybody at the table was sweating as they got into the meal.

Unfortunately, she only managed to eat six wings.

“Did I not only eat 6 wings. Who was I fooling,” read the overlay caption.

@kiaramabuza Roco mamas wings challenge. Have you guys tried it and did you pass ? 😭 Also im posting this video from the toilet still recovering. 😵‍💫 #rocomamas #mukbang #rocomamaschallenge ♬ paper planes - 3 minute sounds <3

Another TikToker, @mihlali.ndabeni, actually managed to finish her plate of wings and the spicy chips and scored a free meal.

However, this didn’t happen without a little bit of suffering.

She confessed that the day after she had the meal, she was bedridden.

“Everybody knows that I have a very high heat tolerance,” said Mihlali.

She started off strong and appeared to be successfully making her way through the wings.

She even said that she’s “definitely had hotter,” adding that it’s not bad at all.

While she appeared to easily get through the wings without breaking a sweat, she admitted that she did however feel full and still had to eat the chips.

With five minutes left to go, she confessed that it’s the fries that were the real challenge.

“I actually almost vomited while eating the fries the cheesy sauce was nauseating,” she wrote.

After completing the challenge, she received a milkshake on the house.


I’m going vegetarian 👍![CDATA[]]>🏾

♬ Roman Holiday Sped Up - Jadyn

Unfortunately, the video didn’t have a happy ending.

Laying in bed she, said that she had a bucket next to her because she felt like she could vomit any moment.

“I won, but at what cost,” she concluded.