Editor’s Note: Where one rescue fails, another succeeds

Published Jun 24, 2023


I'm sure I was not alone in following the drama of the Titan submersible, hoping against hope, when all logic dictated otherwise, that the five would be found alive.

Unfortunately, danger and risk are companions to adventure and every once in a while something like this comes along to remind us.

However, along with reports on the Titan, we have another on a heart-warming rescue of a dog which, pining for its dead owner, had run off to a freezing mountain.

Sydenham is often in the news for all the wrong reasons, but a group of current and former residents is working to address the area’s social ills, particularly those affecting the youth. Along with a book on the suburb, they are reviving the HMP culture, which you can read about on Page 6.

Personal Finance this week explains what happens to your retirement fund if you divorce, and another piece shows you how to reduce your premiums while remaining insured.

With the Hollywoodbets Durban July around the corner, find some ideas to interpret this year’s theme, “Out of this World”, on our Lifestyle pages, while Lebohang Mosia discusses why the National Health Insurance scheme may not be the shot in the arm our health sector needs.

You can win tickets to the East Coast Radio House and Garden Show (Page 3) and a R6 500 doll’s house on the MiSchool page, and Frank Chemaly has found two coffee shops worth checking out.

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