Q&A with Suidooster TV star Gantane Kusch

Gantane Kusch plays the role of Siya in Suidooster.

Gantane Kusch plays the role of Siya in Suidooster.

Published Jun 6, 2024


For almost a decade, Gantane Kusch has graced our screens as the captivating Siya Thuli on the hit South African soapie, “Suidooster.”

From his fiery spirit to his unwavering loyalty, Siya has become a firm fan favourite, navigating the twists and turns of love, loss, and family drama in the fictional town of Ruiterbosch.

But who is the man behind the beloved character?

Today, we chat with Gantane to learn more about his journey to stardom, his on-screen persona, and what’s next for the talented actor!

Where does your name originate from?

I was born in Namibia and moved to South Africa with my grandmother when I was four years old. We initially settled in the Northern Cape before relocating to Paarl in the Western Cape, eventually anchoring in St. Helena Bay.

Most of my upbringing and schooling took place there. After matriculating, I moved to Cape Town to further my studies.

Where did you study?

I studied theatre and performance in Athlone at the New Africa Theatre Company and then I did my degree at UCT.

Tell us more about your heritage?

I’m technically black, I am Sotho, but culturally I am coloured. I am of the belief that in Mzansi you are what you speak.

I speak fluent Afrikaans and hence people associate that with being coloured and I can’t speak Sotho, I grew up (culturally) as a coloured. I’m racially ambiguous, people stop me and think I am Congolese, Nigerian or even American.



Pastor Siya of Ruiterbosch, played by Gantane Kusch. Picture: Supplied

Married? Girlfriend?


First job?

My first ever paying job was a painter at a construction site when I was about 17 years old.

First acting job?

In 2008, I played in Die Blou Suitcase at the Weskus Kunste Makietie – an arts festival on the West Coast.

Favourite drink?

Thirsti Sparkling Water, pineapple flavour.

Favourite food?

It’s definitely between ribs and a refreshing prawn and avo salad.

Favourite movie(s)?

Love Jones, King of Comedy, Hercules (the animation) and Shrek.

Favourite TV show?


Favourite spot to hang out?

My place – I simply love my space!

One of your favourite storylines in Suidooster?

One of my favourite storylines in Suidooster is when one of Siya’s rapists returned to Ruiterbosch, plunging Siya into a profound moral turmoil.

He relapsed into drinking, and Danni had to watch him struggle with traumatic flashbacks. The complexity of being a black man who was raped, compounded by the moral dilemma of being a doctor sworn to save lives while battling his demons, made this storyline incredibly compelling.

The risk of imprisonment, drinking and lying added even more layers to the narrative.

Another cherished storyline is when Siya clashed with his grandfather. The connection I had with Ivan Abrahams, the actor who played his grandfather, was extraordinarily beautiful. He brought a unique presence to the role, drawing out a completely different quality in Siya.

Favourite city?

I’ve never been to Colombia, Egypt, or Ghana, and I would love to visit them. While I truly love Cape Town and everything it has to offer, experiencing these three places is high on my list.

Favourite singer?

Whitney Houston.

Favourite celebrity?

I have more than one! Lewis Hamilton, Teyana Taylor & Burna Boy.

Siya is now single, as the actress Vashti Prins has left Suidooster to pursue other opportunities. What do you miss most about her?

There are days when I really miss her. It’s rare to find acting partnerships where we fully support each other. On days when a scene wasn’t coming together, she would stay completely calm and reassure me that she had my back.

I did the same for her. We always showed up for each other, and we had a deep trust between us.

Any future plans?

I have started directing some theatre productions, and we are currently casting for an upcoming show, which I am very excited about.

Additionally, I am writing a play that I intend to perform in, and I am also getting back into photography. So, I have several passion projects that will keep me busy.

If your character could switch lives with another character for a day on Suidooster, who would it be?

Nazeem, because his character is the complete opposite of mine and I would like to play a villain.

Which character’s wardrobe would you love to raid?


If you could give your character one piece of advice, what would it be?

I know being a single parent is tough, but you will grow in ways you never imagined and discover new aspects of yourself because of what your child brings to your life. Stay strong and persevere.

Pastor Siya of Ruiterbosch, played by Gantane Kusch. Picture: Supplied

What’s the most memorable fan encounter you’ve had?

At an event, a young girl wanted to take a photo with me but became so overwhelmed that she started crying. It was a beautiful and humbling moment. After calming her down, we took a few pictures together.

On another occasion, I was at a Spur restaurant waiting to be seated when a young boy saw me. His expression was one of total confusion as if he was trying to understand why someone he only knew from TV was standing right in front of him. He eventually ran to his dad, too stunned to find the words to describe what he was seeing. It was such an adorable experience.

If you could time travel, where would they go and why?

I would probably check in on 23-year-old Gantane. I wouldn’t approach him, but rather sit back and observe how he lived. Additionally, it would be amazing to see Elvis perform live, as I’m quite a fan of his.

What’s your favourite on-set snack or ritual?

As a professional courtesy, I always chew gum to ensure I don’t have bad breath.

If your character had to join a reality TV show, which one would it be and why?

Survivor! Siya is about that life, he is an adrenaline junkie of note.

Last word…?

To all the wonderful parents out there: if your child has a dream, do your best to support and listen to them. We are all human beings in progress.

Nurture their dreams and seek help if you can’t do it alone. There are many opportunities out there – help your kids explore them.

• Suidooster airs every weeknight on kykNET and kykNET&kie.