DJ PH and Warras doing things their own way with 'The Shady PHodcast'

Launched in March on The Real Network formerly CliffCentral, ‘The Shady PHodcast’ has made some impressive strides. Picture: Supplied

Launched in March on The Real Network formerly CliffCentral, ‘The Shady PHodcast’ has made some impressive strides. Picture: Supplied

Published Jun 13, 2024


These days anyone can grab a mic and start a podcast, however not anyone can deliver podcasts that are informative, factual, engaging and fun.

Amid podcasts chasing viewers and making trends, there are those refreshing gems that just happen to hit the right notes.

One such podcast is ‘The Shady PHodcast’, a podcast hosted by Warrick ‘Warras The Shady Lurker’ Stock and Phind'Gcobe ‘DJ PH’ Madubela.

With over a decade of experience, when it comes to the entertainment industry, Warras and PH know a thing or two about engaging in conversations around pop culture and current affairs.

PH and Warras are good friends with a 15-year friendship, and both just felt that it made actual sense to join forces to be yet another two guys with a mic.

Podcasts have grown in the last ten years, with there being a huge market, with many people gaining success as they grow their communities.

“The podcast for us made sense to us when we spoke about it; we have a common interest in terms of broadcast history, and different opinions when it comes to certain topics,” explained PH.

Warras explained that when it comes to podcasting one can’t reinvent the wheel, so it’s about being better in your approach to the kind of content you deliver to your audience.

“What you are talking about needs to be informative, it needs to be entertaining, it needs to be credible if you plan on standing out,” added Warras.

Building a strong audience that keeps returning for their episodes has been one of the biggest focuses of PH and Warras and they are making strides.

Launched in March on The Real Network formerly CliffCentral, the podcast has made some impressive strides such as having former president Jacob Zuma's daughter Duduzile Zuma-Sambudla as a guest - the episode has over 100 000 views, mayor of the uMngeni Local Municipality Chris Pappas and amapiano producer and DJ Josiah De Disciple.

Both PH and Warras have extensive experience in broadcasting; they have been on prominent radio stations such as Metro FM and Gagasi FM, so adjusting to the world of podcasts hasn't been difficult.

Warras even recalls how in their first episode PH joked about the new freedom of being able to swear.

“I’m so used to looking to my left to the clock that’s counting me down to the ads. I was so bound that you can’t mention a political party or brand cause there’s money attached to that. Now it’s more creative freedom,” said PH.

Warras adds that they made it known with the network that they would be in for a bumpy ride with them as they tackle all kinds of real authentic content and they have conversations with their guests.

They’re guests are also enjoying the safe space that gives them a platform to have honest conversations that allow them to be free in telling their stories.

Considering PH and Warras have extensive knowledge as creatives they never want to be boxed in when it comes to the topics that they tackle on the ‘The Shady PHodcast’, hence why no topic is off limits, be it politics, social media trends, content creation, finances and mental health. “It is just two bras having conversations about their life experiences,” said Warras.

As they build their healthy community, PH and Warras are hoping to build their consistency online, as they build their loyal subscribers.

“It’s been proven over the years on social media that the person who does the craziest things is usually the one who gets the most views. Sometimes in the pursuit of that people forget to be responsible

“We don't want to do that, we would like to do it in a responsible way where the youth that is watching can be like these guys are really about it.”

Find ‘The Shady PHodcast’ on The Real Network channel on YouTube with new episodes dropping every Monday at 11.00

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