LOOK: Doja Cat hits the streets wearing only a sheet and thong

Doja Cat. Picture: Instagram

Doja Cat. Picture: Instagram

Published May 6, 2024


Doja Cat’s style has always been way out there and most of her latest looks leave very little to the imagination and the outfit she wore most recently can hardly be called an outfit.

The “Say So” singer stepped out in nothing but a bed sheet and a thong in New York over the weekend.

Matching her panties she wore a pair of black patent stilettos.

Just a day before the Met Gala one has to wonder if she was perhaps looking for something to go with her outfit since she’s seen going into the Cartier store and even trying on rings.

Holding the sheet firmly on her breasts, the rest of the sheet was left to just drape around her and hang free.

In one video you can see how she quickly had to grab the sheet to prevent it from falling off completely.

The 28-year-old rapper was seen out and about with the Art Director of Vetements clothing line, Guram Gvasalia who was wearing a baggy oversized jeans and t-shirt.

It appears that the sheet dress is in fact one of Gvasalia’s designs. She posted the tag of the sheet which says “dress” with the Vetements logo.

In a previous Instagram post we see her once again walking the streets wearing what looks like clingfilm wrapped around her chest and hips.

A close-up image shows that her underwear can be seen through the almost transparent short skirt.

In those pictures, she is also accompanied by Gvasalia.

Could this be a pre-lude to what we can expect from the rapper at this year’s Met Gala?

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