Rachel Kolisi, please come fetch your husband - his ‘heart can’t take this anymore’

Besties Siya Kolisi and Eben Etzebeth. Picture: siyakolisi/Instagram

Besties Siya Kolisi and Eben Etzebeth. Picture: siyakolisi/Instagram

Published Dec 6, 2023


It started with a harmless Instagram post from Siya Kolisi.

The Springbok captain thought it would be funny to share a photo of himself wearing wife Rachel Kolisi’s headband.

Alongside the post, Kolisi wrote: “@rachelkolisi said I couldn’t rock her head band.”

To be fair, the dad of two pulled off the look while pairing it with Oakley sunglasses. But not everyone was happy about him wearing the hair accessory.

Taking to Kolisi’s comments section, Rachel, while referring to their daughter Keziah, said: “Actually was Kezi - she said you’re ‘embarrassing her’”.

As if on cue, Sharks player and Kolisi’s bestie Eben Etzebeth snuck in a well-timed jab, and wrote, “Well... You Don't!”

The comment must have stung a bit for the flanker. After their last interaction on social media, things were left up in the air between between the two.

In response to the back-handed, yet humorous, comment, Kolisi added: “@ebenetzebeth4 my heart can’t take this anymore.”

Picture: Instagram screenshot

The rejection must have hit hard. But as always, their friendship thrives on entertaining the fans.

An online user even compared the bromance to Hollywood couple Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively: “@ebenetzebeth4 @siyakolisi you two are my fav 😍 move over @vancityreynolds and @blakelively we have a bromance in town with the best Saffa bants!”

Another joked: “@siyakolisi @ebenetzebeth4 Only on insta for this content nowadays.”

In the meantime, we’re hoping that the duo can make up soon. Otherwise, Instagram would be such a boring place.

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